Non-Linear Structural Analysis

Non-Linear structural analysis is far more powerful and flexible than linear structural analysis.  Non-linear structural analysis can handle such conditions as high stresses which cause the material under study to yield, permanent deformation and residual stresses, as well as dynamically evolving stresses that change over time.  Non-linear analysis allows the simulation of events such as bending, impact, shock, and cyclical strain. Nonlinear analysis also allows the simulation of plastic and rubber parts, that change dramatically under loading.  Non-linear analysis can be used to determine not only how well a part or mechanism will function, but can also predict how a overloaded system will fail, and can produce a animation showing the failure occurring.  Such a simulation can find and highlight potential problems in a design early in the process, when changes can be made quickly and easily, rather than when prototypes are in testing or the product is on the market.  These simulations can also be used to dramatically reduce the amount of testing that needs to be done by performing the virtual simulations to optimize the design, and then using a single test to validate the predictions.